Unplanned Pregnancy

UnplannedPregnancyIn 2006, there were 52 unintended pregnancies for every 1,000 women aged 15–44. In other words, about 5% of reproductive-age women have an unintended pregnancy each year.

By age 45, more than half of all American women will have experienced an unintended pregnancy, and three in 10 will have had an abortion.

The U.S. unintended pregnancy rate is significantly higher than the rate in many other developed countries.

Adoption is a choice many pregnant women will consider or choose. Parenthood requires an emotional, physical and financial commitment; not everyone faced with a pregnancy is prepared for full-time parenthood. Adoption lets you have a choice in the kind of life you want for your child. This is a process whereby a parent chooses to have her child raised by another family. You are making a decision that will affect many lives. Making an adoption plan takes love, courage and sacrifice. Licensed agencies can give you more information on this process.