condomsWon’t I be protected from everything if I use a condom?

  • The simple answer is, no. There are many diseases that when used correctly a condom can reduce your risks, but not 100% prevention. Condoms were found to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDs during vaginal sex by 85% when used consistently.

What is “slippage and breakage”?

  • Studies show that condoms break or slip 1.6 to 3.6% of the time. This presents a potential risk of pregnancy and transmission of STDs. Instructions for using a condom include a list of “don’t” such as; not keeping them in your wallet, don’t use if discolored & keep away from most types of lotions. Not following this advice could result in pregnancy or STD transmission.
  • Each year of “typical” condom use, the pregnancy rate is 14%.