Dating Questions: ask yourself

datingquest1.    Does this person have high or low energy?

2.    Does this person have dreams and goals?

3.    Is this person similar to you in intellect and ability?

4.    Do they seem to be positive or negative?

5.    Do they want to make all the decisions in your relationship?

6.    Does this person get angry easily?

7.    Do they behave bad and then make excuses or blame others?

8.    Are they irritable, unforgiving, or stubborn?

9.    Do they respect your friends?

10.  Do they like other people, not just you?

11.  Do they admit when they make a mistake or do they blame others?

12.  Does this person respect your decisions?

13.  Does this person get upset if you disagree with them?

14.  Is this person overly needy?

15.  Does this person have to know where you are all the time?

16.  Do they always feel misunderstood or that you are the only one on their side?

17.  Have others tried to warn you about him or her?

18.  Does this person want you to change your interests, hobbies or friends for them?