The rules have changed … know the risks

changes_aheadPerhaps you have chosen to be sexually active. Because you are a whole person, this choice may leave you exposed to certain risks in all areas of your life. Please take a minute to review the items on the following list, which describe what you have experienced or may experience.

Your choices affect your future…


  • Pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Abortion
  • Dating violence
  • Abuse — physical and verbal


  • Doing poorly in school
  • Seeing myself as dumb
  • Not thinking about consequences


  • Guilty
  • Depressed
  • Confused
  • Angry
  • Used & hurt by others


  • Not having peace
  • Feeling that God is far away
  • Feeling not worthy of God’s love
  • Wanting to start over


  • Hurt reputation
  • Suspicious parents
  • Boyfriend not respectful
  • Loss of friends
  • Being treated differently

Your choices even affect your future spouse and children. This is a very important time and your choices will impact others. Use your head to guide your heart.